Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Year....Same Crusty! Some things never change...

Where do I begin? I feel just like Wonder Woman right I read Crusty's blog (against my best judgement)...all I could think of was "Bitch PLEASE!" She is going to end up pregnant by President Obama...she is ALWAYS on his dick! She should really change the name of her blog to ""...that's really what it is. What a piece of garbage her blog has become! For someone who is not even a U.S. citizen (by her own admission) she sure has a lot of balls talking sooooooooooo much smack about the President of the country she currently resides in. I'm like..."Bitch move back England" We should all call Homeland Security on her...they DO NOT play that shit. Have you seen the their show? Google that's great. Yeah...Crusty came down on Obama real hard today for quoting the Qur’an during the traditional February National Prayer Breakfast this morning...and I quote Wonder Woman "Bitch, please." So what he quoted the Qur'an...he is an international man you ignorant woman (can't really say for sure she's a woman...but we'll go with that for now) Crusty must have lived under a big ass English rock before she moved to the states cause she don't know shit!
Anycrustywho...the rest of her blog today consisted of her talking more shit about Ciara & Beyonce. Some other shit about Mariah looking youthful..."and the Photoshop award goes to..." I'll leave it at that. Crusty be having the goofiest (if that's even a word) post all the time. "Celebs Out & About"...yeah bitch...celebs got out...this is not news.
That is all for today the mean time if you want to see what a "real" gossip blog looks like check out ...their up for a Bloggie Award this year (yes...there is such a thing).
Chau Bitches!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The saga of crusty

Are you sick & tire of all the crazy posts Crusty makes? Me too! Yesterday she actually had the nerve to talk mess about a blog for "not having their facts right" when it came to Beyonce. Is she for real? The queen of posting errouneous information? The master of "not having her facts right" has the nerve to talk about someone else? How small of her! Her blog is WACK!

She didn't even cover anything having to do with the Grammy's...maybe it's because Lil Wayne go nominated for 8 Grammy's. Cause you know if you don't like the celebrety...she will not post about them.